SOXPro Ultra Light

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Color: White


Size: XS
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The SOXPro Ultra Light grip socks represent the new generation of sports socks with a patented double layer of internal and external grip. The entire base of the grip sock is covered with Cushion technology, a spongy layer essential to cushion shocks and prevent the appearance of blisters. 

The innovative technology allows a marked improvement in stability and control, drastically reducing the micro-movements that occur when practicing any sport. The heel area is raised while the toe is thinner for total control of body movements.

The characteristic arrows of the silicone grip sock give a marked improvement in stability, guaranteeing maximum speed and explosiveness when changing direction. The grip socks are made with an eco-friendly and sustainable polyester yarn obtained from post-consumer plastic bottles. 

Certified 100% made in Italy, with an ultra-light weight of 30 grams, they are produced with a mechanical process.


  • Double Grip, the socks are distinguished by the double presence of the internal and external grip
  • Lightweight, sustainable fabric with the finest cotton for greater comfort and agility
  • Stability, the silicone arrows of the grip socks cover the heel giving greater speed and precision
  • Breathability, ventilation system suitable for long performance in all weather conditions
  • Control, the toe of the SOXPro Ultra-Light grip sock is thinner for total management of body movements
  • Sustainability, made with a special and ecological yarn obtained from plastic bottles


PROTECTION The double-layer SOXPro Ultra-Light sock in addition to greater prevention and muscle recovery guarantees greater comfort. Increasing the protection of the foot and its arch. 

PERFORMANCE Increased speed and explosiveness in changing direction, with a reduction in distortions caused by lateral displacement. Free to focus only on running, movement and strategy.

STABILITY Wearing SOXPro Ultra-Light Socks you will feel an extraordinary feeling of stability during the entire duration of the activity.

CONTROL The innovative technology used allows a decisive improvement in stability and control, drastically reducing the micro-movements that occur when practicing any sport