SOXPro Recovery

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The SOXPro Recovery socks  guarantee a high graduated compression at the ankles and calves that promotes blood circulation for faster muscle recovery.

More and more professionals are using this type of product to recover faster from training and competitions, reducing muscle soreness and limiting post-workout swelling. 

The  SOXPro Recovery graduated compression sock prevents lactic acid build-up in the calf muscles, delaying fatigue and drastically reducing recovery time. Dryarn® offers greater foot ventilation and optimal comfort. 

In the area of the Achilles tendon there is the X-Stability System which provides protection and stability to the heel, tendons and ankles. The compressive pressure varies between the ankle and calf thanks to the different tension at each point and acts as a sort  of massage on the skin and in depth on the muscles, promoting blood circulation and greater oxygenation of the tissues. 

It is measured in mmHG, i.e. millimeters of mercury, and is highest in the ankle area to ensure proper blood flow from the bottom to the top  (20 mmHG)  and then gradually descends to the calf (12 mmHG).


  • Graduated compression socks, improve blood flow in the path of ascent from the legs to the heart;
  • Ribbed knit, for greater progressive elasticity;
  • STABILITY-SYSTEM for greater ankle stability
  • Achilles tendon and heel protection against shocks, to reduce vibrations and prevent micro-traumas
  • Elastic band for arch support
  • Anatomical insole with ventilation bands
  • Breathable band for greater comfort and ventilation


  1. Faster recovery
  2. Reduced Muscle Stiffness
  3. Pain Reduction
  4. Reduced swelling
  5. Regenerating effect
  6. Maximum Comfort