SOXPro Padel

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Color: Black-Fuchsia


The SOXPro Padel are grip socks designed to improve the performance of padelists. In the preparation of shots, in short movements, in vertical descents and in changes of direction, the grip socks of GEARXPro Sports help the padelist to maintain maximum adherence to the ground ensuring greater stability, comfort and protection. 

They improve performance on the court by ensuring maximum protection for the Achilles tendon and ankles against shocks and sprains. Ideal partners in vertical movements, they help to keep the foot stable in the ground without slipping, offering optimal sensations in the pushing phases. 

The SOXPro Padel grip socks  prevent any slipping of the foot, lateral or vertical, inside the shoe making you 100% aware of your movements. In addition to greater prevention, they guarantee a substantial reduction in distortions, both in backward steps in preparation for bandeje and vibore and in advance for smashes and volleys.


  • Increased performance, agility and speed thanks to the silicone arrows;
  • Silicone arrows ensure maximum power transfer with maximum comfort;
  • Shock cushioning and maximum comfort of the sole of the foot;
  • Anatomical fit and high-quality material mix for maximum comfort and stability;
  • Marked improvement in control and net reduction of micro-movements.
  • Increased protection of the heel area and prevention of blisters.
  • Ideal breathability and optimal moisture wicking.
  • Innovative design on the back of the sock and differentiated on the right foot and left foot


  1. Maximum Stability
  2. Increased Performance in Agility and Speed
  3. Distortion reduction
  4. Reduction of micro-movements
  5. Superior Reaction Time & Agility
  6. Increased Speed and Explosiveness
  7. Improved Strength, Power and Accuracy
  8. Better grip on the ground
  9. Heel Protection Against Impact