SOXPro Low Cut

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The SOXPro Low Cut Grip socks have the same structure and technology as the SOXPro Classic, made more versatile by the short cut that optimizes their use in sports where there is no need to use additional accessories from the shin to the knee. 

Ideal partners in running, training, crossfit and in the world of rackets, they are also perfect grip socks in the women's world. Designed to offer maximum traction inside your shoes, they feature arrow-shaped silicone non-slip pads. 

The arrows, present on the sole of the foot and in the strategic area of the heel, generate a Grip:IN action that does not allow any slipping inside the shoe. This prevents the annoying lateral and vertical movements that occur inside the shoe when practicing any sport. 

Thanks to the use of the innovative DRY FLEX fabric, the SOXPro Low Cut grip socks are flexible and breathable. Fabric that guarantees, in addition to breathability and flexibility, also maximum comfort and ventilation.  

During sports practice you will be free to focus on running, movement and strategy.


  • Grip socks, the silicone arrows do not allow any slipping inside the shoe;
  • Breathable, the fabric guarantees maximum comfort and ventilation;
  • Stability, extraordinary feeling of balance during the entire duration of sports performance;
  • Control, reduces the micro-movements that occur when practicing any sport;
  • Explosiveness, greater speed in changing direction with reduction of distortions caused by lateral movements.


PROTECTION The SOXPro Low Cut Grip Sock in addition to greater prevention and muscle recovery guarantees greater comfort. Increasing the protection of the foot and its arch. 

PERFORMANCE Increased speed and explosiveness in changing direction, with a reduction in distortions caused by lateral displacement. Free to focus only on running, movement and strategy.

STABILITY Wearing the SOXPro Low Cut Grip Socks you will feel an extraordinary feeling of stability during the entire duration of the activity.

CONTROL The innovative technology used allows a decisive improvement in stability and control, drastically reducing the micro-movements that occur when practicing any sport.