SOXPro Fast Break

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The SOXPro Fast Break Grip Socks  are specifically designed for indoor sports. The innovative structure of the grip sock is characterized, in addition to the presence of arrow-shaped non-slip pads, by a compressive fabric in the ankle area. 

A real support for the athlete's foot and ankle that allows, in addition to a clear reduction in muscle load, an optimization of energy expenditure during the entire duration of the activity. In addition, the Grip:IN action on the heel prevents blisters caused by the sock slipping on damp skin. 

The ankle area is reinforced by a compression fabric, while the innovative structure of the sock has been designed to ensure maximum comfort: optimal support that, starting from the sole of the foot, is able to promote the well-being of the whole body during the entire sports performance. 

On the other hand, the protection of the Achilles tendon is ensured by the increase of tissue - of greater thickness - strategically positioned in the affected area. The total reinforcement of the foot, from heel to toe, is guaranteed by the presence of a 360-degree light sponge which, in addition to preventing the formation of blisters, ensures maximum comfort by protecting the most sensitive parts of the foot.


  • Grip socks, the silicone arrows do not allow any slipping inside the shoe;
  • New design in the upper part of the sock thanks to a flap-shaped fabric extension;
  • More breathable weave in the part occupying the tibia area;
  • Optimal protection of the Achilles tendon area and maximum ankle support;
  • Silicone arrows ensure maximum power transfer with maximum comfort;
  • Shock cushioning and maximum comfort of the sole of the foot;
  • The hexagonal compressive weave guarantees optimal protection of the entire affected area;
  • Greater thickness of fabric on the central part of the instep for better shock reduction;


  1. Maximum ankle support
  2. Optimal protection of the Achilles tendon area
  3. Maximum Stability
  4. Lowering the Fatigue Threshold
  5. Increased Performance in Agility and Speed
  6. Maximum Comfort
  7. Distortion reduction
  8. Pain reduction
  9. Reduction of micro-movements
  10. Superior Reaction Time & Agility
  11. Increased speed and explosiveness
  12. Improved Strength, Power and Accuracy