SOXPro Compression

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Knee-high, and with a reinforced structure to protect the most stressed areas during performance, the  GEARXPro Sports compression grip sock is used to promote oxygenation of the muscle fiber and to reduce vibrations during effort that cause fatigue and cramps. 

Characterized by the presence of arrow-shaped non-slip pads, made with high quality silicone, they generate a Grip:In action that does not allow any slipping inside the shoe. The innovative technology used allows a marked improvement in stability and control, drastically reducing the micro-movements that occur when practicing any sport. 

The characteristic thin arrows cover the heel giving greater speed, accuracy and reduced injuries. An extraordinary feeling of stability during the entire duration of the activity. Wearing our socks you can enjoy a unique experience in terms of comfort and lightness, thanks to the combination of the particular eco-sustainable fabric and the fine quality of the yarn used. 

On the one hand, you benefit from the advantages of compression, on the other hand, you enjoy the benefits of the Grip:IN action and the ultra-light and extremely breathable material. During sports practice you will be free to focus on running, movement and strategy.


  • Double Grip, the socks are distinguished by the double presence of the internal and external grip
  • Compression stocking, improves blood flow in the path of ascent from the legs to the heart;
  • Lightweight, sustainable fabric with the finest cotton for greater comfort and agility
  • Stability, the silicone arrows of the compression stockings cover the heel giving greater speed and precision
  • Breathability, ventilation system suitable for long performance in all weather conditions
  • Control, the toe of the SOXPro Compression grip sock is thinner for total management of body movements
  • Sustainability, made with a special and ecological yarn obtained from plastic bottles 


  1. Reduced Muscle Stiffness
  2. Pain Reduction
  3. Reduced swelling
  4. Regenerating effect
  5. Maximum Comfort
  6. Helps Remove Lactic Acid
  7. Improves Venous Return
  8. Bladder Prevention
  9. Lowers the fatigue threshold