SOXPro Ankle Support

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The SOXPro Ankle Support Grip Sock  represents the new generation of sports socks designed to guarantee total and complete ankle support, capable of facilitating athletes in all dynamic and complex movements, in terms of injury prevention and performance improvement through comfort, stability and precision. 

The absolute novelty is represented by the innovative use of Cushion microtechnology, extended to the entire toe to better meet the needs of a sport where footwear is stiffer and double, having to resort more frequently to additional reinforcements and a more robust sole.

The perfect mix of containment bands and breathable elastic bands, combined with the presence of Grip:IN technology, helps the athlete in correct posture and in the reduction of physical stress due to micro-movements of the game. 

The X-Cage, the part that makes up the entire ankle area, thanks to its multi-material composition and the presence of strategic reinforcement bands, drastically reduces  he risk of sprains and the stress on the joints. The grip sock fabric wraps around the ankle comfortably, providing constant support without restricting freedom of movement.


  • Grip socks, the silicone arrows do not allow any slipping inside the shoe;
  • XCROSS-YARN, maximum ankle support thanks to the multi-material structure and strategic reinforcement bands.
  • 360° CUSHION, total reinforcement of the toe in light sponge to cushion shocks.
  • Breathable, the fabric guarantees maximum comfort and ventilation;
  • Stability, extraordinary feeling of balance during the entire duration of sports performance;


  1. Reduced risk of ankle injuries, such as sprains and ligament injuries.
  2. Prevention of edema and swelling.
  3. Improved blood circulation.
  4. Reduction of muscle fatigue.
  5. Adequate support during sports activity and reduction of the risk of relapse for those who have already suffered ankle injuries.
  6. Improved posture and support of the entire foot and ankle.
  7. Reduction of pain and inflammation in the ankle area.
  8. Offering greater stability and safety during physical activity.
  9. Prevention of overload trauma caused by repetitive activities, such as running or jumping.