GEARXPro Recovery

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Size: Short Tights M
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Color: Black


The technology of the GEARXPro Recovery graduated compression tights, based on graduated compression and  the use of an innovative ERGON+ yarn, allows an intelligent and precise recovery. 

The innovative production technique used by our companies allows, thanks to a special medical-grade machine, to precisely control the compression profile, ensuring the maximum increase in blood flow for a faster recovery. 

The combination of the production technique and the use of the  innovative Ergon+ yarn give life to a completely ergonomic product, which promotes compression in the targeted areas of the body and helps the wearer to recover more easily. The extra strong and precise compression, measured  in mmHG (millimeters of mercury), guarantees the elimination of toxins with a consequent regenerating effect in a time of less than two hours from the use of the product. 

By stimulating circulation, it ensures a constant feeling of freshness in the legs. The pressure varies thanks to the different tension at each point and acts as a sort of massage on the skin and deep on the muscles, promoting blood circulation and greater oxygenation of the tissues. 

More and more professionals are using this technology to recover faster from workouts and competitions, reducing muscle damage and limiting post-workout swelling.


  • Graduated compression, improves blood flow in the path of ascent from the legs to the heart;
  • Extra strong and precise graduated compression pressure 20-30 mmHG;
  • Optimal thermoregulation thanks to the breathable Ergon+ fiber;
  • Anatomical fit and high-quality material mix for maximum comfort;
  • High-performance product designed for exceptional fit and durability.


  1. Faster recovery
  2. Reduced Muscle Stiffness
  3. Pain Reduction
  4. Reduced swelling
  5. Regenerating effect
  6. Maximum Comfort