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The FLEX-GXPro football shin guards are characterized by extraordinary versatility: from the beginning to the end of the match, the shin guards will remain in the right position, avoiding annoying slips inside the shoe and ensuring maximum protection from the shocks deriving from game clashes

GEARXPro's ultra-protective flexible shin guards ensure comfort, protection and a personalized fit throughout your performance on the court. The outer surface features Antishock+ technology, a real innovation in the football field, as these are the same technical specifications that cover the protections used by motorcyclists.

The FLEX-GXPro football shin guards reduce the vibrations that are perceived by athletes during game clashes and that often cause more or less lasting injuries. The inner surface, on the other hand, is covered with a 3D Grip weave that offers total traction in contact with the skin. A weave made with NGS Gel, a patented thermoplastic gel capable of providing maximum elasticity and absorbing shocks caused by game clashes. 

A quality product made with quality components: a shin guard capable of combining exceptional comfort with a 360-degree level of protection.


  • Protection, the shin guards ensure greater impact resistance than any traditional plastic or carbon shin guard;
  • NSG Gel, guarantees maximum elasticity and total absorption of shocks caused by game clashes;
  • Ultra Lightness, with a weight of 55 grams and a thickness of 7mm, they offer a level of total protection;
  • Grip, the inner surface is covered with a perforated weave that offers total traction in contact with the skin;
  • Grip, the football shin guards will remain well adhered to the skin avoiding annoying movements under the sock;
  • Modern design, resistant to wear and tear thanks to the particular molecular structure of the applied ink;


  • + 20% Shock absorption compared to traditional plastic or carbon shin guard
  • + 50% Lighter than traditional plastic shin guards
  • + 100% Total 360° flexibility for a perfect fit to the tibia without the use of any support
  • + 30% Stronger than carbon shin guards